Rescue- Introduction

Rescue is the victim`s right. It is a paramount duty of both state and non-state partners to strive towards removing every victim from places of exploitation. Unfortunately only 7% of the victims get ever rescued. More than 93% of the victims continue to languish in slavery like conditions for years together and die succumbing to various diseases.


Social reintegration is the ultimate aim of all rehabilitation programs. Preparations for it is built at the entry level itself with every step moving towards preparing the survivor for a life outside.Reintegration consists of the survivor being able to live in the mainstream world with dignity. Most victims who have come to Prajwala for support are survivors today living and adjusting in the normal mainstream society. Many girls have found partners for themselves, many are living on their own and some of them have been effectively reunited to their families. The process of reintegration is a long and tedious one and filled with a lot of difficulties. Sometimes in spite of all the efforts there have been instances of re-trafficking.Strategies for reintegration are ever-evolving and today the organization has a better success rate than two decades back. Prajwala has explored three primary forms of reintegration: family reunion, marriage and independent living.


Our on-ground community centres aim to develop models for integrated health service delivery in urban informal settlements. We engage closely at the local level to make sure that women and children have access to quality health services.


Happiness the importance and resolution of life, the whole purpose and end of life. Our organisations appeals to the general public to help these needy people in every manner they can for the betterment of these people.These people really need our help and your valuable contributions so that we can help them in building a healthy and happy future for themselves.

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