SAHYOG - From hand to hand (FHTH)

This is our new & first project towards rape victims. Our target is to reach to every woman who is suffering from this offence. We will provide them each &every help which they require. We will try to feel & know very minutely their problems and help them for surviving in the society with full dignity & honour. Our society shall try to solve their basic issue which facilitate their life for a new start.


Our on-ground community centres aim to develop models for integrated health service delivery in urban informal settlements. We engage closely at the local level to make sure that women and children have access to quality health services.


Happiness the importance and resolution of life, the whole purpose and end of life. Our organisations appeals to the general public to help these needy people in every manner they can for the betterment of these people.These people really need our help and your valuable contributions so that we can help them in building a healthy and happy future for themselves.

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