PROJECT ‘HAPPINESS’ is a project started by ‘FBO’ in Bihar to bring smile on the faces of children and women who have faced difficult times and to work for their upliftment. Through this project the organization wanted to make available the basic needs of these children by distributing the necessary things in small or big orphanages help them to bring smile on their faces and spread happiness among them.The target of happiness project was to give per orphanage minimum amount of Rs.5000.


The objective of this project was for the betterment of women and poor orphan children.The mission of this project was to help the women and orphans to make them aware of their rights, provide them with basic medical and sanitation facilities for their hygiene and a good health which they cannot afford due to their financial constraints.



  • Albendazol
  • Ofloxin+ornidazol
  • Paracitamole
  • Vitamin A capsules
  • Iron capsules
  • Calcium tabs
  • Vit B complex capsules


  • Healthy drinks
  • Fruits
  • Milk
  • For Girls-Sanitary Pads
  • Dettol


Our on-ground community centres aim to develop models for integrated health service delivery in urban informal settlements. We engage closely at the local level to make sure that women and children have access to quality health services.


Happiness the importance and resolution of life, the whole purpose and end of life. Our organisations appeals to the general public to help these needy people in every manner they can for the betterment of these people.These people really need our help and your valuable contributions so that we can help them in building a healthy and happy future for themselves.

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