Our NGO foundation ‘‘Flying birds organisation’’ is a non-profitable organisation established with a strong motive of helping rape victims. Our NGO was formed on 23rd JAN,2016 and registered under the REGISTRATION OF SOCIETIES ACT of 1860 on 3rd APRIL, 2017 with primary objective of women empowerment and help to orphanages and shelter houses. After being authorized the organization is operating to help poor orphans, rape victims and needy women of our society and also to spread awareness among the society to get help from them in every possible way to help these socially challenged people.


We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and awaring through the strict laws for a girl’s safety.A girl’s safety lies within the awareness about every laws related to her safety and self defence. Our overall goal is to empowerment of helpless women, may be a victim of rape or of other social issues.We genuinely care for them to improve their livelihoods and to grow them as a completely changed strong personality.


Our on-ground community centres aim to develop models for integrated health service delivery in urban informal settlements. We engage closely at the local level to make sure that women and children have access to quality health services.


This organization is very new in this field, yes, we have started this work from the ground with zero funding. And we do not know how far we would traverse… But the courage we are holding in our hands and we know we are going through this by heart.. We have no balance this time but we are integrating to work, to show the path, to enlighten the paths who are in the light but they have been preventing themselves by their own or by the other to feel it. We are trying our best to do best ever for others specially those who by heart need us.And we know if we do this honestly we would definitely be achieving our goals.Hoping good for all, happiness for all.

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